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What I Listen To When I Write-


 Lately I have been sharing a lot of Yoshida Brothers music on my Twitter and FB feeds. So, you may have noticed that I love their music. I am currently writitng on the Space Trippers series. For this series I listen to faced paced, emotional music. Sometimes I will put on my Halo Pandora station and sometimes I play a Yoshida Brothers playlist on youtube. I never listen to music with lyrics because it distracts me. If I ever do play music with singers it is in laguages I can't understand.


I like the mix of moods and composition Yoshida Brothers music has. It works great for a lot of scenes. Need something soothing and slow for an emotional scene with Valesque and one of the guys? 'My Heart Holds', is a great one.

Need someting fast paced for a race scene? 'Gales of the Wind' is a good pick.


When I was writing Brass Hearts I listened to Ragtime and Mechanical Orchestras.


The only time I really listened to a song with lyrics while writitng was when I wrote Tim's skiing scene.... and that took a lot longer than it should have because I was up dancing half the time to 'Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride'.


Other than musing about what music I have been obessed with recently I would also like to say I am looking to do some live Author appearance/signing events in the near future, with other Authors hopefully. A big, fun, Multi-Author event!

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