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 Space Trippers Book 5: Don't Even Ask is LIVE!! Whoohoo!!

On 3/3/15 you can get it from eBook retailers like Amazon, B&N etc.

Is it coincidence that IHOP is having FREE pancake day on 3/3/15 as well? I think not! Get two treats that day, Free pancakes and the new Space Trippers episode!

After much ado the belated release of the next Space Trippers episode has come! This book came about through many, many difficulties, including 3, yes 3, catastrophic hard drive failures in a row. I am still sorting out the mess those caused to all my folder structures. Bleh.

What can you look forward to in this latest episode? Well, poor Valesque who was unable to flirt with willing Skmead has to not only try her hand at a much harder target, but also put herself on display in front of a crowd of men as a lounge singer. All to Nahni's delight of course. But the flighty fairybot also lets some info slip to an eavesdropping crewmate. Annnnnnnd...... Sanic delves into mad scientist level when he brainwashes Tim and scrambles Lola's memory....ok....not exactly, but you have to read it to see for yourself!

This is a book I have been long looking forward to writing in this series. Lots of serious conversations happen, lots of funny episodes, some pivital scenes.

What is next for the series? After book 5, book 6 is my most looked forward to one to write. Tim gets sporty again, Valesque has been slowly giving in to her true nature and even more so in book 6, Sanic is having a mini crisis by now and the addition of his very own Fangirl isn't going to help much, Valesque isn't sneaky by nature so it is only a matter of time before things blow up. How will the rest of the group take the revelation of the real truth about what has been going on? We will find out in book 6: Water, Water Everywhere. It will be a major episode in the Space Trippers saga, I am really looking forward to seeing it come into being as I write it. Even I don't know everything that will go on until it comes out on paper. I am as excited as you are!

To celebrate the release of the long anticipated book 5, I am running a quiz. Follow the link below to test how well you know the Space Trippers world for a coupon for either a .99 eBook 1 or a FREE eBook of 5!!! It is my gift for all you fans who have been waiting so long for this new release.

I hope you are enjoying reading this story as it unfolds as much as I am writing it.

Take the quiz now for your gift from me! A .99 Book 1 or a FREE book 5!


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